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Terms And Conditions

G’day again, mates! Welcome to the Terms and Conditions of Sydney 24 Hour Towing. We promise to make it as simple as throwing a frisbee at the beach! So, here we go, easy as ABC for every 4th grader to understand:

Using our Services: When you use our towing services, you agree to play by our rules. Don’t worry, they’re as fair as a game of footy!

Payment Kangaroo-hop: Make sure you pay for our services on time, like a kangaroo hop! We accept cash, cards, and maybe even Vegemite jars (just kidding about the last one)!

Cancelation and Rescheduling: Life can be unpredictable, we know that. If you need to cancel or reschedule, give us a fair dinkum notice, and we’ll sort it out together.

Behave Like a True Blue Aussie: Respect each other, our team, and our gear, just like we respect our national treasures! Any rude or naughty behavior won’t be tolerated.

Website Use: Feel free to check out our website, but don’t go copyin’ or stealin’ our stuff! It’s like pickin’ a koala from a tree, not cool!

Responsibility Zone: We’ll take care of your vehicle like a newborn roo. But any personal stuff left inside is your responsibility, just like keeping your room tidy.

Third-Party Links: We might link to other websites, but we can’t control ’em all. So, be careful and use your wits when you go hoppin’ around the internet.

Changes to the Terms: Sometimes we need to update the rules, like changing footy tactics. We’ll let you know when that happens, so you’re not in the dark.

Our Promise – Fair Dinkum! We promise to be as reliable as a dingo guarding its territory. But if something goes wonky, we’ll fix it faster than you can say “G’day.”

Contact Us: If you’ve got any questions or need help, don’t be shy! Reach out to us at or give us a bell at 0426 20 20 20.

Cheers for reading our Terms and Conditions! Just remember, we’re here to make your towing experience as smooth as a surfin’ wallaby!


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