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G’day, mates! At Sydney 24 Hour Towing, we care about your privacy like a kangaroo cares for its joey! Our “Unique Privacy Policy” is as straightforward as throwin’ a boomerang. So, let’s break it down for ya in 4th grader style!

Personal Info: When you hop onto our Sydney Towing website, we might collect some basic info, like your name, email, and phone number. Don’t worry, it’s just so we can help ya out if your vehicle breaks down.

How We Use It: We won’t go playing hide and seek with your info! We use it only to provide top-notch towing services near you and give you updates on your bookings.

No Sharing, Mate! Rest assured, we won’t toss your details to anyone else. Your info stays right here, with us.

Cookies – Not the Snack: We use cookies on our website, but not the delicious kind. These are tiny digital helpers that remember stuff like your preferences to make your experience smoother than surfin’ at Bondi Beach!

Google Analytics: We team up with Google Analytics, like koalas chillin’ in eucalyptus trees. It helps us see how many folks visit our site and what they like most, all anonymous-like.

Secure as a Safe: Your data is safe as a kangaroo pouch! We use top-notch security to protect it from any crocodiles lurking in the online waters.

Keepin’ it Legal: We follow all the Aussie privacy laws like a true blue Aussie! We’re all about fair play and being honest, just like our cricket team!

Updates and Changes: Sometimes we might need to tweak this policy, but don’t fret. We’ll let you know if anything changes, so you’re always in the loop.

Questions? Reach Out! If you’ve got any queries or just wanna say “G’day,” drop us a line at or give us a bell at 0426 20 20 20.

Thanks for trusting Sydney 24 Hour Towing, where your privacy is as sacred as Uluru!

CEO Of Sydney 24 Hour Towing
0426 20 20 20
145 o’riordan st Mascot, NSW 2020

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